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Italy welcome retired people with a special tax regime

A good opportunity for retired people to move to live in Italy and save on taxes.

From january 2019 Italy grant a 7% flat tax to people that hold pension and decide to transfer their tax residence to Italy.

The flat tax is applicable for 5 years to all non italian income and gains of the person that have chosen to relocate.

The flat tax is applicable not just to the foreign pension income but to all kinds of income that the people has outside Italy. Income in Italy is under the ordinari italian tax regime

Si its an opportunity to save on retirement taxes and any other type of income

The 7% flat tax regime is applicable only to individual persons that chose to move to Italy in little towns (no more than 20.000 citizens) of the regions of Sicily, Puglia, Abruzzo, Calabria, Sardegna, Campania, Molise e Calabria.

There are also some other criterials to benefit from the special taxation regime, if you are interested in just mail us

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